Baton Rouge Symphony Education Department

Mission:The mission of the Baton Rouge Symphony Education Department is to provide an exposure, passion, and knowledge of orchestral music to students and adults in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Vision:The Vision of the BRSO Education Department is to expose and educate the Baton Rouge community to orchestral music and elevate the level of music performance in the Greater Baton Rouge Area by:

  • Expanding our Discovery concert series to reach over 12,000 students annually.
  • Providing mentorship programs (K-12) where students will have personal access to professional musicians.
  • Enhancing the educational value of music through expansion of our cross-curriculum chamber music programs in the classroom.
  • Providing a gateway for new audience members to learn about and develop a lifelong love for orchestral music.

Experimenting with instruments at the Sound Effects Station at PIXAR in Concert, on BRSO’s Family Pops! series.

BRSO thanks the following underwriters for their support of our Education and Community Initiatives:


Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana

Georgia Pacific

Gail and Jim Lloyd

Scott Miller, Director of Education and Community Initiatives
Direct line: (225)400-0338

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